Join us as we Renew, Restore and Regenerate together

Our work can weigh on us. Sustainability practitioners often get caught up in the “doing less bad” aspect of sustainability and can falter under the scientific prognosis for planet Earth. We adopt goals and metrics to help us reduce our environmental impact but it can often feel like our efforts are not enough, that we are not moving the needle. This is the path that everyone knows well. It is weighty and can cause even the most stalwart advocates to burn out.

However, a new world of sustainability is emerging, one that is about “doing more good,” and includes net positive buildings, regenerative design, zero waste, and resilient communities.  Hand-in-hand with this change in philosophy comes an opportunity for “net positive sustainability” to enter our thinking, our work and our connection to campuses. Engaging in sustainability from this perspective allows us, as change makers, to renew our passion for work, restore a sense of well-being through our community connection and regenerate through net positive personal practices.